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The ACE  12 August 2015 07:24:46 PM
Domain mirroring

This article is about how to mirror one or more domains to another.

If you have several variations of your domain name (such as, and, you can choose one as your main domain name and mirror the others to it.

We call the main domain name the parent domain name and the others the child domain names. If someone opens one of your child domain names in their web browser, they’ll see the website under your parent domain name. Your child domain name is still preserved in their browser. For example, if you use as the parent domain name and as the child domain name, people will see the website under they open in their browsers, and the is still displayed in their browsers.

The email accounts at the child domain names can be mirrored as well. If someone sends emails to an address at the child domain name, the emails will be forwarded to the equivalent email address at the parent domain name. For example, if an email is sent to, it will be forwarded to automatically.

To set up the domain mirroring, please contact Liz