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Draytek routers CLI - srv nat openport - enable an index

The ACE  15 June 2013 02:52:11 PM
We have a customer who has Draytek routers and asked us to automate the security policy we created for them. There are a number of documents that are on the net that 'detail' how to use the Draytek Routers CLI -

Non of these are correct, for example to enable a disabled Open Port in NAT they are saying the command is -> srv nat openport enable 17

But the usage ( Help ) of the srv nat openport of the router itself says - srv nat openport n m [- | ... ]

Thus the correct command apears to be -> srv nat openport 17 -a 1

The actual commands need to have a sub-index ( m ) of 1, who knows why ( Anyone ) ???

To enable index 17  -> srv nat openport 17 1 -a 1

To disable index 17 -> srv nat openport 17 1 -a 0
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