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The ACE  4 March 2014 09:28:48 PM
This guy is so impressed with himself it is amazing he has not pissed someone else off and they have DDOSed him into oblivion

He - Matthew Tatt - and runs a PHP forum called

But he has no idea how to configure SMTP / HTTP infrastructure.

He has one shared TCPIP address -

This is his idea of a MX record

Yes - just one record & here is the kicker its weighting is '0' yes Zero.

He does not use round robin DNS, well you cant with one static IP, but the one A record he has, yes one A record, I guess he is to busy managing his forum has a TTL of 4 hours, I think this is the default for Netregistry

We would be very happy to kick in some cash for a DDOS :)

Anyone interested ???