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Choosing a Domain Name Business Name

The ACE  19 July 2012 01:03:40 PM
Tips When Choosing A Domain Name and Business Name

Starting a can be daunting and difficult. You want to make certain you get it right the first time every time so you can not only live comfortably, but scale up your business and see your investment in time and money grow.

Choosing a domain name might seem like a minor thing, but it is an extremely important part of establishing your business, I always tell people to call the business name the same as the domain eg. if the domain is, then the business should be called xyz.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right domain name for our company.

The domain should be easy to Say

Imagine a hypothetical domain of; you can not just say 'premium dog house builders dot com', because then your customer will go to, which is a completely different address. You would have to say 'hyphen' in between each word, which does not sound very good.

Additionally, your name should flow easily when spoken aloud. If it does not sound good or is difficult to say, ditch it.

Easy to Understand Over the Radio or Phone

This is similar to the first tip. You have to take into account how the name sounds as you say it, and there has to be no room for misunderstanding your name when it?s heard.

Easy to Spell

If you are telling someone your domain name, you do not want to choose words that they will have difficulty spelling. Stick to words that are commonly used, short and easy to understand. This will also help you achieve the first two tips.

Additionally, you will also want to be sure you have spelled your address correctly when you register it. Spelling mistakes will hurt your image and make it more difficult to find your website. If had a client who ignored my advise and went ahead and registered Capitel for a phone business in the nations federal capitel, but the name on the site was 'Capital Telephones', a few months later he go me to registered the correctly spelt domain, what a waste of time of money !!!

Easy to Type

Avoid mixing in numbers, hyphens or anything odd that will cause your user to have to look around the keyboard. Do not make your customer frustrated before they have even gotten to the website. An exception to this rule is registering a "post Code" domain - - this is very easy to remember for a user.

Easy to Read in Print and Online Ads

Your reader should not be struggling to make sense of your domain. Your business only needs one domain per region, so don?t go overboard and try to register all the possible domains you can. Choose one and stick with it, unless you?re planning on offering your services to more than one location (such as US vs. UK).

Easy to Read in the Address Bar

You need to stick to top-level domains such as .com,, .net, and The best choice will always be .com or, since these is the most common domain you will find, and the first one users try if they can not remember what it should be. We have broken this rule myself with my consulting business and we have registered and are using TrustedAdvisor.IT - obviously as we are a IT consulting company it was appropriate, plus we could not find any 'TrustedAdvisor' .com, etc.

Easy to Remember

If you follow the other rules, this one will be a snap. Stick to top level domains that are easy to say and read. Otherwise you will see that your customers have trouble finding your website.

An interesting side bar, ASIC - the federal government organisation who is responsible for registration of company names Australia wide, is now responsible for Business Names as well, this was up until May 2012 undertaken by the states individually, so if you want to have a business name Australia wide per May 2012, you had to registered in each state and territory (crazy stuff), so we would suggest you register the Business Name at the same time you registe r the domain name.

How does your domain stack up against this criteria ?
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